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For many years I have been fascinated by the variety of colours and textures found between the tides of the North East beaches.

On my many visits to the local beaches I look very closely at how the power of the tide rearranges the pebbles and decorates them with shells and seaweed. 

Although I frequently work from a still life arrangement of pebbles, shells and seaweed in my studio, I also sketch compositions based on research photographs, and quick colour studies produced while exploring the beach. 

All the pebbles and stones vary in pattern, shape, colour and texture and I try to exaggerate these differences in a tonal fashion.  In my watercolour compositions, I tend to allow some of the pebbles to overlap the straight outer edges to assist in the impression that this is just a tiny part of the stony beach. With the addition of the occasional feather, shells, driftwood and/or seaweed I create variations in my paintings.


Stone Rings
w/colour 36x44cms 250


Seaweed and Stones
w/colour 32x40cms sold

The Feather and the Ring
Acrylic  50x80cms 950

Seaweed Caresses
w/colour 28x40cms 250


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